Crime Writing from the Trenches of Hollywood

Description What elements go into a top box office thriller?  How do you craft a crowd-pleasing TV crime drama? Crime dramas, mysteries, and procedurals are a staple in our entertainment diet. Crime writing is a story niche that requires certain research to be believable. Flip through the guide on your streaming or Direct TV and you will find a crime show any hour of the day or night. From to NCIS to Stranger Things, there truly is a crime story out there for every one.Great crime writing is engineered, not just imagined and Hollywood knows how to kill it (pun intended)! This intensive seminar offers professional tips, advice, and practices from Tinseltown for penning your most compelling crime story to date!Crime writer and forensic specialist, Jennifer Dornbush, will walk you through the foundational principles of crime and mystery writing that will help you ramp up the intrigue, suspense, and thrill of your next project – whether short story, novel, film, TV or other media platform! This seminar focuses primarily structure, creating better tension, deeper character development, and building successful and suspenseful evidence trails. What you’ll learn: Why engage in crime writing unless you know the specifics, and the ins-and-outs of forensics? 11 crime story types & which one’s best for you 3 things you need to create a captivating crime 5 Key Characters every crime fiction must have 8 Crime Story Essentials that often get overlooked 6 types of evidence to create solid clue trails. 3 forms of love to raise the stakes. 10 story tropes to elevate tension and suspense. 4 best angles to tell your crime story  Who should attend? Emerging crime writers with at least one manuscript under their belt. Writers looking to sharpen and elevate their crime writing skills. Writers who want to be more authentic in their voice and story telling. Writers who want to jump start a new crime story. Writers who are having trouble making their story stand out. Writers who want to gain a competitive edge. Special earlybird offer  Book this class before June 1st 2019 and get a copy of Jennifer’s book Forensic Speak: How to Write Realistic Crime Dramas worth £19.99 FREE About the tutor Few people know more about crime writing than our special guest, Jennifer Dornbush. Jennifer lives and works in Los Angeles as a film and TV writer. Her work has placed her on the short lists of the Fox/Blacklist TV Program, Final Draft Big Break, Nichols, Austin, American Zoetrope, and NBC’s Writers on the Verge. Her half-hour forensic comedy, Home Bodies, received a Humanitas’ New Voices Award. She also won first place with Baby First TV to create a bi-lingual kid’s show. She teaches seminars and speaks on writing crime fiction for screen and novel, surviving and thriving the artist’s life, the novelization process of scripts, crime scene science, forensic fundamentals, and death investigation. You can read more about her work here: www.jenniferdornbush.com. Jennifer frequently consults with crime writers on shows such as: Beauty & The Beast, Deception, Hawaii Five-O, Leverage, Rectify, Revolution, Suits, White Collar, and Conviction. Jennifer hosts a YouTube channel on forensics and screenwriting and has developed webinars through Writer’s Digest and Script Magazine. She teaches forensics and screenwriting seminars to writers all around the globe and has mentored writers through the Act One Program, Regent University, and Università Cattolica Milano.